Niels Oeltjen aka Nails was born in 1976 in Hanover, Germany, and grew up in small coastal towns in Tasmania. Early flirtation with graffiti developed into new forms, and in 1998 he completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Tasmania. He has been exhibiting his artwork since 1997, and has been shown in numerous solo and group shows in Australia and overseas.

In addition to accomplishments as a fine artist, Niels is well known for his street work and is considered to be an innovator in the local scene. As an active member of the local art community he has embarked on many self-generated projects in publishing, exhibitions, clothing and mural projects. His focus is on using grassroots ways of getting things done (and shown), and exploring alternative world views, in the process celebrating things that tend to be ignored in contemporary urban life.

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On the street, Tom Civil’s works are subtle and beautiful, dictated by a strong graphic design sensibility and heavily inspired by political and activist poster art. His practice spans stencil art, woodcuts, poster design and, murals and publishing. Yet for all its subtlety, Civil’s work speaks volumes – prompting and inspiring, rather than dictating thought. Tom is widely known for his work as an activist, his dedication to local communities and organisations, self-publishing practice, as well as for Breakdown Press, which he runs with his partner, Lou Smith.

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Tai Snaith’s {Pets} work seems to be a rare exception in the street. It is absurd and playful, inspired by children’s book illustrations, old books, stories, domestic crafts and found objects. Her love of the absurd inspires much of her drawn, painted and collage work. But despite its charm it can also turn a little scary. Recent exhibitions and public performances (as a part of the Hit and Miss collective) have seen Tai build bomb shelters, transform inhabited houses and even a penitentiary into ambitious installations.

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A self taught artist, Ghostpatrol has moved from the field of stencil art to exhibit his drawing based creations worldwide. He currently resides in Melbourne at his ‘Mitten Fortress’ studio. His work ranges form fine ink drawing, street-art, commissioned murals and soft sculpture.

Ghostpatrol creates worlds. His ongoing exploration of hybrid animals and forests travels across mediums; from pasted posters to soft sculpture, watercolours and printmaking. His work often references childhood nostalgia and pop culture, with often quite sinister and playful undertones. From beginnings in stencil and street art, his current practice focuses on ambitious installation and painting projects.

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Ash Keating is widely known for the immense scale of his environmental work both in galleries and public spaces. Yet he is hardly ever connected to his unsigned street work. Both scale and public accessibility have shown themselves to be huge concerns within his practice. Frustrated by small-scale studio painting, much of Ash’s practice has since been informed by his job as a waste auditor, and wanting to convey the seldom seen impact and scale of post consumer and industrial waste.

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Al Stark scrutinises everything. The most personal of stories are put to paper, objects of consumption turned into sculptures, sentiments are etched into plates, tattooed into skin and marked on walls. Al’s work is characterised by a strong sense of narrative and decorative pattern, as well as evocative and simple line work and text. He is inspired by music, literature, film and artists including Robert Crumb, Chris Burden, Oskar Kokoschka, the Vienna Actionists and the Vienna Secession.

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Miso {Stanislava Pinchuk} is a 21 year old artist, living in Melbourne, Australia. Her work sways between pasting hand drawn
portraits in city streets, to intricate drawings and installations in
 gallery spaces.
 She has just completed writing a book for Thames & Hudson,
and had her street work bought and archived by the National
Gallery of Australia.

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Twoone was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1985. Drawing and crafting have been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. He gained an early interest in graffiti specifically while photographing a two-kilometre stretch of wall in his hometown. Twoone moved to Melbourne at the age of 18 and quickly became a prominent part of the local street art scene.

One of Twoone’s first Australian shows was the No Comply skateboard exhibition in 2003. The success of No Comply lead him to a consistent involvement in group shows and ongoing commissions, murals and live paintings. In 2004, in order to expand his skill set, Twoone began Visual Art (New Media) at Swinburne University. He graduated in 2006. Twoone’s biggest event to date is his One Thousand Cans show held in 2008. This show directed him to think more about concept and installation than just painting alone. Next he will have a solo show of varied works and further expose his works to a broad audience with a tour through Australia and Asia in 2010.

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Since 2003 this influential Melbourne-based studio has played a major part in driving
the rise of street art in Australia. Everfresh counts among its members
some of most respected, innovative and widely recognised underground 
artists in this country: Phibs, Sync, Rone, Meggs, Reka, Wonderlust, Prism, 
Makatron, Meek and The Tooth.

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Thames & Hudson Australia Pty Ltd © Alison Young, Ghostpatrol and Miso (text) © Timba Smits (design) Thames & Hudson